By: Saurav

2019-03-14 21:13:00 UTC

I had a wrong idea about subdomains. I had a discussion with my senior today about nakeddomain.com and www.nakeddomain.com. Today I learned it and want to share with you all so you don't get confused.

For example, suppose you have a domain www.onceaday.today

I was of the opinion that www.onceaday.today was a domain and onceaday.today was another one. Anything coming after that is a subdomain.

For example, www.onceaday.today/blog/1, where /blog was the subdomain. mmm...nope! Wrong!
I think I got this idea way back in the old PHP days.

Anyways, the actual breakdown of this url would be:

today -> TLD (Top Level Domain)

onceaday -> SLD (Second Level Domain)

www -> Subdomain

That means you can add any subdomain in front of the

and you can get a new subdomain to host a new site without the need for a new domain.

For example, for my blog www.onceaday.today, I can have a whole new webstore heroku app hosted on shop.onceaday.today or I can have a new podcast heroku app hosted at podcast.onceaday.today without the need of buying a new domain.

A lot of you may know this but hey! TIL :)

Here is a cool video regarding this:

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