By: Saurav

2019-08-16 21:10:00 UTC

When To Use: This technique is great when you are on the floor and the opponent is standing.

There is straight takedown and then there is a slight adjustment if opponent defends it.

A. Straight takedown

1. Lie on your back
2. Raise your legs and put your heels on opponent respective pelvis (in class it will be called hip). Right leg on his left pelvis and Vice Versa
3. Now Grab the right heel of you opponent with your left hand and wrap your left leg around his right leg (outside De la riva guard)
4. With your right feet, push your opponents left leg away by pushing on his inner thigh to get him off balance. Use that momentum of pushing to rise up and then use your right hand to base out (put your right hands on the mats for balance)
5. Bring the De la riva you had on his right leg down to block his heel while your right leg is still on the thigh to keep him at distance (when he tries to bring his left leg to get a side control, use right leg to push him out). Grab his right thigh with your
left hand.
6. Now switch the legs and turn them 180 degrees so that your left leg is all the way back and right is now circling his right heel
7. Now, while grabbing him with your left arm, hooking the heel with right leg (now in the air) and using your left leg and right arm (which was basing out) to get your right heel on the ground try to sit up while pushing him with your traps.

He will fall down.

Note -> This is similar to wrestling takedown where you cup the thigh with your left arm, and his right heel is in the air. You use your left traps and push it in his leg right thigh.

B. Slight adjustment if opponent defends it ->

When going for step 7 above, if the opponent pushes his knee in to you or tries to get your back
This has to be done fast (so practice it)

The main goal now is to move your body out of his way so that his right knee (which was pushing in to you) is free again
2. So, instead in step 7 where you sit up and use your traps to push in, you base out with right hand, move your left leg from behind you to infront of you (as far as you can, also it would be behind him now) and then rise up and turn around his leg while your right knee is curled around his right leg. Basically a 90 degree rotation of the same position so that you are facing what your opponent is facing
3. Now grab his right leg with your right arm and grab his left leg with your left hands and push him with your traps sideways.
Since he has no base and both his legs are cupped and falling away from you he will fall.

Note: The defense depends upon your speed vs his. So practice for speedy defense,

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