By: Saurav

2019-08-20 23:20:00 UTC

When To Use: This technique is great to pass guard, then get a side control and if the opponent shrimps, to get into other side holding a side control

A. Guard Pass To Side Control To Other Side Control

This works great when the opponent is sitting
1. When you are standing, grab the left pant of your opponent (near the knee) with your left arm and right lapel with your right hand. Pull with your right hand and push with your left arm so that your opponent rotates anti-clockwise
2. It looks like you are steering a wheel anti-clockwise
3. While grabbing lapel and the pants as you had, get into knee on belly position.
4. Now if the opponent does nothing just get a side control

If he tries to block your knee and shrimps away, Proceed:
5. Scoop your right arm around his left arm, and control the left tricep with left arm
6. Now raise yourself into an on "all 4 positions" (but controlling the hand as you already had) and place your front part of your feet on his right leg while using the feet to push his right leg down. Keep in mind your knee will be still on the floor.

In the pic below, this is the part you want to use to push his legs down while your knees are on the floor.

Anatomy feet   google search

7. Then do the same with the other feet' front part and push your body(hips) off the floor while stapling with the feet on his legs. Go to the other side
8. When you are going on the other side, keep the pressure and have control of the hands otherwise he will use his right arm to get on his knee
9. Finally, scoop your right hand around his neck above his right arm, and have your left arm on the other side, while maintaining a side mount from the other side.

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