By: Saurav

2019-08-20 23:40:00 UTC

When To Use: This technique is great to transition from side control to full mount

A. Side Control to Knee on belly

This works great when the opponent is in side control

1. Assuming you have a good side control from the left side, put your right knee on him, it's not grinding him in the belly. Just on his belly
2. Now use your right hand which would be next to his right side, and crawl it up while trapping his right arm. Something like this

Crawling halloween monster hand 566

3. After trapping and crawling your hand shift your hips towards the right side fastly as you will do on a swivel.
4. When you switch your hips so that now the major portion of your weight is on the right side, you also bring your legs and smash it on the floor (make noise)
5. Congrats, you are in full mount!

If we want triangle from Full mount: Gracie Breakdown - Triangle Choke from the Mount

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