By: Saurav

2019-12-28 01:15:00 UTC

I live in downtown Los Angeles. I like the way it is for most times of the year. Winter holidays are not one of them. I was here the last year and saw a lively area turn in to a zombie town during the holidays. Shops closed, not a lot of people on the street, no snow anywhere, it just looks morose to me. Don't get me wrong, DTLA community does a good job in lighting the city up but personally you can't match up with nature's winter's decoration.

Take a look at the picture from Syracuse, NY below

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So, I decided to try an ambitious multi-city east coast travel this year. Being surrounded by snow during the holidays was what I wished for. Thankfully, I had some Hilton Points available which got me a few days stays in one stop of my travel.

I knew I will at the brink of exploding, I knew I would face travel stress at the end and it would be a pain in the arse to get this done but hell! why not. Recently, I heard a lecture by Jordon B. Peterson about travel and it was the last nail in the coffin for me to book the trips.

So, I packed this backpack till it couldn't fit one single more item and got ready for the new experiences east coast had to offer.

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