By: Saurav

2017-10-05 20:54:00 UTC

Programming is one of the most important skills we use in our daily work. Whether it be our own brand or an internal automation software or a simple client work, we strive for excellence in what we deliver everyday.

Good, well written, maintainable code goes a long way for product development, on time delivery and customer happiness. We choose not to rush our developers and give them enough time to produce beautiful code.We also request every developer on our team to read good books on programming.

In the end, "every developer needs time to go fast! "


So, what is a clean beautiful code then?

1. "Clean code is simple & direct, it reads like a well written prose. Its full of crisp abstractions and straightforward lines of control" ~ GradyBooch
2. "Clean code should clearly expose the tensions in the problem to be solved"
3. "Clean code does one thing well" ~ BjarneStroustrup
4. "Cleancode is pleasing to read, it makes you smile the way a wellcrafted music box would" ~ Bjarnestroustrup
5. "Clean code: Can be read & enhanced by other programmers, it has unit and acceptance tests, has meaningful names, provides single way for doing things, has minimal dependency, is clear and has minimal API" ~ Big Dave Thomas
6. "Clean code should be easy to enhance or changed by others." ~ Big Dave Thomas
7. "Code without test is not clean, no matter how elegant it is."
8. "Clean code: Smaller is always better"
9. "Clean code: Should be readable by human"
10. "Cleancode: Always looks like it was written by someone who cares deeply about the craft." ~ MichaelFeathers
11. "Cleancode: There is nothing obvious that you can do to make a clean code better, all of those were thought about by the author" ~ MichaelFeathers
12. "Clean code: Runs all the tests, contains no duplication, expresses deign idea in the system, minimizes number of entities such as classes & functions" ~ RonJeffries
13. "Clean code: Has reduced duplication, has high expressiveness and has simple abstractions."
14. "Clean code: A code is clean if each routine you read turns out to be pretty much what you expected." ~ Ward Cunningham
15. "Clean code: Beautiful clean code makes the language look like it was made for the problem" ~ Ward Cunningham

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